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The 964 Radio

To listen to our live broadcast, you must download the Tunein app then search for " The 964 Radio " 

About Us

We are a group of young journalists without any partisan orientations or internal or external funding. Our mission is to convey what is happening on the ground without increase, decrease or bias to one party without another.
The 964 network, whose name came through the name of the international calling code for the Republic of Iraq, which is +964, and our pride in our country, we chose this name. The journalists in the network thank your contributions and your participation to Provide us with all the news related to the Iraqi issue, and you have all our thanks and appreciation
Ahmed Altaee , the founder of the project


Virginia . USA


Email: [email protected]
Phone: +1 (803) 450 0964  
WhatsApp: +1 (803) 450 0964